Shahrukh Khan Allows His Children To Watch All Kind Of Movies

Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan, who was last seen in Chennai Express, allows his son Aryan and daughter Suhana to watch all kinds of movies. He says that he never makes them shut their eyes to anything.

I don’t disallow my children to watch any film. They watch everything, but that does not mean that all parents should do that.” he said.


I work in films and I do things in films that might not be right for children to watch, so it is my duty to make sure my children watch all films. I have brought them up in a way where I have never made them shut their eyes to anything” he added.

The 47-year-old actor married to Gauri Khan and they have three children including surrogate son Abram.

Talking about Chennai Express, SRK said his daughter has seen the romantic comedy, which has a good dose of action too. “My daughter saw it, my son is busy playing video games… She really liked it,

Shahrukh disagrees about criticizing cinema for propagating bad things and influencing impressionable minds.

The access of information now is beyond cinema. If your children become bad, please don’t blame cinema. Cinema is a good place, which you can take advantage of. I don’t think its impact will be bad on children,” he said.

He feels that the culture of making film for children should be encouraged in the country. “I think Indians should make a lot more films for children. It is a big and a good market and there should be a lot from films to learn in a fun way” he said.

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