Shahrukh does not demand work fees?

Shahrukh Khan, who’s the most powerful and highly paid actors in B-town says that he never requests for a fixed payment from makers who approach him to cast him in their movie. Shahrukh, who’s considered to be really focused towards the art of acting says that he doesn’t work for wealth.

Shahrukh Khan’s latest movie Ra.One was a smash hit. Now Don 2: The Chase Continues is also likely to get the producers crores of money, However, Shahrukh Khan says that when the producers approach him with a movie story, he asks them to use his name and make the film a big success. As per how the movie costs at the box office, the actor asks the producers to decide his payments.

Shahrukh Khan is so much crazy about his acting career that he thinks that the main gift for an actor is being able to perform in front of the world.

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