Shahrukh and Bhansali to conflict yet again

Shahrukh, BhansaliReports breaking inn verifies that Bollywood actor Shahrukh and film director Bhansali are going to battle out yet again on exactly the same day with their particular launches. This occassion the just change is that each of their productions are launching on exact same occasion.

However, on this occasion, Shahrukh and Bhansali are only the makers of their particular movies compared with 4 years back. A provider recalled for us, “Shahrukh and Bhansali were friends and when their movies clashed in the year 2007, Shahrukh had stated that he’d attempt to talk to the movie director. After the conflict was no surprise, each of them began a press conflict.This annoyed Bhansali no finish.

Consequently, began a series of interviews where Bhansali revealed his discomfort towards SRK and Farah. Actually, he even continued to express that he was not thrilled to see Shahrukh Khan’s latest film.

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