Shah Rukh Khan Wants To Learn Bengali From Jaya Bachchan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said he would learn Bengali from Jaya Bachchan to be a true Bengali.


He was at an inauguration of 19th Kolkata International Film Festival on November 10 when he said; “Thank you Kolkata for adopting me and giving me the opportunity to be here. I have been coming here for the last three years and I promise you next time I am here I will speak in Bengali so Jaya aunty feels I am truly, truly from Kolkata then.”

He said Jaya that he will come to her to learn Bengali.

“I will come to you and learn from you. So next time when you stand on stage I will be a true Bengali and welcome everyone.”

SRK, who is also the brand ambassador of West Bengal, hoped that platforms like Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF), offer a boost to Bollywood films, and help them reach maximum heights.

“Festivals like this one express collective happiness over life, I think. I hope creative interactions of this scale help Indian films reach the height that great filmmakers present tonight, and those who passed away, like the wonderful Rituparno, dreamt of for Indian film,” said 48-year-old actor.

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