Shah Rukh Khan undergoes eye surgery to remove glasses

A reading glass wearing Shah Rukh Khan is history now. The actor has undergone a helpful eye surgery to fix his short sightedness. The surgery was conducted by a famous eye surgeon Dr. Burjor Banaji, who had earlier attended and treated SRK for a mild eye infection. Shah Rukh Khan clinically suffered from myopia what is generally known nearsightedness.


The actor had to use glasses while reading and used to use a stylish red frame glasses. But perhaps the actor thought it wise to remove those difficult eyeglasses and get back his common vision. The surgery was reportedly performed at Dr. Banaji’s clinic at Ballard Estate. SRK is reportedly doing okay now and have been suggested a week’s rest. Among the several things that he has been asked to stay away from include TV and computers for longer duration.

Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter to express his appreciation for the good doctor. Though the surgery went off nicely, SRK looks to be suffering from post surgery side effects for the moment.

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