Shah Rukh Khan to replace Salman Khan as ‘Bigg Boss 8’ host?

So it’s a well-known fact that Salman Khan was angry along with the channel Colors over the last season of Bigg Boss and that numerous alternatives of a host are being considered. Now the buzz is solid that arch rival Shah Rukh Khan might be taking his place.

Shahrukh, Salman

Colors threw a party at a suburban five-star hotel where Shah Rukh Khan was present while Salman Khan didn’t make an appearance. The channel was enjoying with the TVfraternity. People say Salman Khan was invited, but didn’t go to due to his contentions over Bigg Boss. As per sources, he opted not to come as Shah Rukh Khan was also on the list of guests.

Now sources are also indicating that that Shah Rukh Khan might be the new host of Bigg Boss, Season 8. And that he’s celebrating his most recent win over Salman. Anyway, presently, Salman Khan looks in the mood to party elsewhere.

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