Shah Rukh Khan pokes fun at ‘Jai Ho’

Many people thought it’s a beginning to the end of the long term rivalry when Salman Khan again hugged Shah Rukh Khan at the recently held award function. But the picture turned out to be totally opposite when SRK poked fun at Salman Khan’s recent launch, ‘Jai Ho’.


At a recent promotional function for a prominent watch brand which Shah Rukh Khan endorses, SRK took the stage and shared a few light moments with the press and engaged in a few light-hearted discussions along with filmmaker Kunal Kohli who was also present at the function. He asked Kunal what the recent film he viewed. Kohli gave deep thought about it and responded, ‘Jai Ho’

Shah Rukh Khan, who is identified for his spontaneity and good sense of humor wasted no time to respond mischievously, SRK quipped, “There is no accounting for taste.” The participants broke into laughter along with Shahrukh Khan’s mockery.

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