Shah Rukh Khan fine, focus on ‘Jai Ho’: Salman Khan

Don’t blow the news of Shah Rukh Khan’s injury out of proportion and concentrate on Jai Ho, which is releasing, actor Salman Khan has said. SRK suffered a minor injury on the Happy New Year set on yesterday, and in just a couple of hours after seeking fast medical aid, he came back to the film set.

Shahrukh, Salman

The warring Khans of Bollywood not too long ago kissed and make up and Salman Khan tagged it as coincidence that SRK got inured just a day before the launch of his movie. When asked about the SRK’s incident, Salman Khan said: “This had to happen just before the release of ‘Jai Ho’? Don’t blow this news out of proportion.”

“Unke jaan pe hamla nahi hua hai. He has not lost his memory… He is fine, so concentrate on ‘Jai Ho’. We just found out that he is fine, so we are happy,” Salman Khan told journalists at the revealing of the trailer of O Teri. Jai Ho, which will show the present political and social scenario in the country, will hit over 5,000 screens.

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