Sayali Bhagat’s harassment lawsuit against Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja has been charged of harassment claim yet again. On this occasion actress Sayali Bhagat has charged him of misbehaving with her several occasions during the filming of an forthcoming movie ‘Ghost’.

Reports are that Sayali will register a case against Shiney at the Malad Police Station, Mumbai. She’ll also include actor’s wife Anupam’s name in the complain case because she’s apparently been delivering messages to Sayali since the news broke. First this particular reports was released in a top magazine and since then Sayali Bhagat has been put pressurized to reject the allegation she’s made during her interview with magazine.

Earlier Shiney was charged in a sexual assault lawsuit of his own house maid; he was sentenced for 7 yrs incarceration by the court. Bombay High Court given him bail on April 27, 2011.

Well! Nobody is aware what will be Shiney’s future after Sayali Bhagat’s claim.

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