Satya 2 in legal trouble again, producer dragged Ram Gopal Varma to court

Bollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s forthcoming movie Satya 2 has continually been dragged into legal controversies that made the movie release date to get postponed again. Earlier, the flick was delayed when the director was told in no unsure terms by authorities to sever all connections from Arun Sharma-owned LR Active.

Ram Gopal Varma

Now, most recently has that LR Active Oils Pvt. Ltd, among the makers of the movie, has dragged Ram Gopal Varma to court 2 days before the release blaming him of negligence. As per the reports, released by their spokesman, the issue started just after Varma ended the contract with L R Active on October 22.

In the case registered before the Bombay High Court, LR Active has claimed that Ram Gopal Varma ended the contract without a justification. It has asked the court, to stay the launch of the flick providing them temporary relief until the final judgment is pronounced.

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