Sanju Baba yet to furnish surety for parole

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt continue to remain in jail for the 3rd night in a row since he was granted a 30-day parole on December 6, as he has yet to conform with his parole conditions and provide a surety.


The authorities granted him parole and Parole is left from jail, which isn’t counted as a set-off. Among the conditions is providing a surety. When he was released on furlough in October, his sister stood surety for him. This time it’s not clear who the surety will be. The formality includes recognition and solvency or cash details for the amount specified. The surety sought is of Rs5,000, the authorities said.

Yerawada jail superintendent Yogesh Desai told TOI that Sanju Baba’s release was held up as he’d not complied with the parole order. Desai said Sanju Baba or his family hadn’t arranged for surety and had not intimated him when they were likely to meet the conditions.

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