Sanjay Dutt’s earnings to drop from Rs 20 crs to Rs 10,000

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt will shortly have a significant turnaround in his income every month. Courtesy Apex Court ’s judgement, the actor,  who’s nearly Rs 400 crs the riding on him and is known to demand anything between Rs 3-5 crs for a movie, will now earn Rs 25 daily.

Sources told that Sanjay Dutt will most likely be lodged in Pune’s Yerwada Prison and will join a group of 200 prisoners to grow organic vegetables in the prison premises. Sanjay Dutt will be given a daily income of Rs 25 for his work. Going by the actor’s upcoming income plan, Sanjay Dutt will end up earning about earning Rs 650 per month.

Apart from having several movies on the floor, Sanjay Dutt was also promoting numerous products. Taken together, these ratcheted up his yearly earnings to a dizzying Rs 20 crs. In sharp contrast, Sanjay Dutt’s annually earnings in the course of his prison stay won’t be over Rs 10,000.

The Bollywood actor has been directed by the Supreme Court to surrender before the TADA court in Mumbai on completion of 4 weeks. He’s likely to be taken to Pune’s Yerwada Prison shortly after the surrender.



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