Salman wants Sanju Baba to host Bigg Boss 6

If you’re a business person and you want to market your brand in India, there’s arguably not a bigger brand ambassador that you can rope in today than Salman Khan. His name has almost become synonymous with sky-high rankings and wonderful brand value. But Salman, it seems, can’t support each and every deal that comes his way. And that’s exactly why he’s apparently asked the makers of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ to let Sanjay Dutt host the upcoming season all by himself.

Salman Khan and Sanju Baba were supposed to be the hosts for the 5th season of ‘Bigg Boss’, but Salman was missing from the show for most of the season. And Sanju Baba had to host the season alone for the same reason. A source also says that the 5th season was never designed to have two hosts at all. Actually, Sanju Baba was taken on board just to make sure a celebrity host on the days Salman wouldn’t be around. Hence, Salman has apparently asked for the makers to go with Sanjay Dutt for the 6th edition since he’d not be available because of his prior responsibilities.

Now, what’s waited to be seen is whether the show can boast of the same level of rankings in Salman’s absence next season. And would Salman change his thoughts to carry on being the host of the show.

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