Salman Khan threatens lawsuit against filmmaker

Actor Salman Khan’s office is apparently threatening a lawsuit after filmmaker Muazzam Beg using the actor’s name in his documentary-drama. Mid-Day reports that a legal notice has been delivered to the director for Khan’s name being used in documentary-drama.

Salman Khan

The docu-drama is based on the fans following actors Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. A source told Mid-Day, “We first emailed him asking him to refrain from using Salman’s name to promote his film. But he continued despite our mail, so we then wrote him that we would take legal action.”

However, after the legal pressure, Beg has shelved the project. He confirmed to the publication, “I have shot 30 per cent of my film and had invested around R50 lakh in the project. My film was going to tell a die-hard Salman Khan fan’s story and it would have been great if I could make the film. But I won’t be doing so now.”

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