Salman Khan-starrer ‘Jai Ho’ falls victim to online piracy

Jai Ho is all over the internet as reports have disclosed that a pirated online release of the movie is doing a good job among the net users. The leaked version with the size of 2 hours 17 minutes was introduced online within a few days of its theatrical launch.

Jai Ho

As rumors expose, a Dubai-based user uploaded the pirated copy of Jai Ho on YouTube on January 28. The video has also received around 1, 08,151 views and then it was removed by the website administrators. Though, the next day a much better copy of the movie followed again. This leak may have caused the box-office disaster of the movie. A manager of a top multiplex, on conditions of privacy, showed his distress, “I only hope someone has the good sense to take it off.” YouTube authorities could not be reached for their comments on the issue.

Jai Ho is apparently among the very first Bollywood films which has been victimized by online piracy so quickly. Salman Khan’s publicist was very angry and turned down to comment on the piracy matter. The producers of the movie also seem to be perturbed with the recent result.

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