Salman Khan slaps bodyguard at studio

Salman Khan, who is recognized to be a quite warm-hearted actor in Bollywood, shows his love for his fans again. During a recent shoot at Mehboob Studios in Bandra, Salman Khan was hectic speaking with his fans, giving autographs and clicking photos. However, the actor lost his cool, when Salman Khan’s bodyguard misbehaved with among his fans.

Salman Khan

During the photo session, among his fans tried to wrap an arm around Salman Khan to get closer to him. On seeing this, one his bodyguards mistakenly hit the fan’s arm, while trying to separate the fan from Salman Khan. He didn’t take this act positively and lost his temper. He slapped his bodyguard in front of his fan and screamed at all of them to never treat his fans in such a style.

The actor’s film ‘Kick’ released yesterday.

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