Salman Khan shocked by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s death speculation

Actor Salman Khan is identified as a fitness freak. So on Sunday, on the sets of his forthcoming film ‘Kick’, as he was filming a funny scene with a female bodybuilder in Mehboob studio, the actor was in for a shock of sorts.


There was solid speculation doing the rounds on social media sites that actor and fitness idol Arnold Schwarzenegger had passed away. Salman rushed to verify with the instructors on sets whether this news was true, “It was a funny scene that Salman was shooting when he go to know about Arnold’s death. Him and Sajid (Nadiadwala), both being avid bodybuilding fans, started making inquires with the female bodybuilder who called people in the fitness industry in the USA to check whether Arnold’s death rumors were true. “

However, it turned out to be a joke, and Salman Khan and Sajid, both happy, continued filming for the humorous scene in better spirits than they started.

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