Salman Khan sheds 8 kilo weight after a rigorous training

Salman Khan who is just a few years shy of completing Twenty five years in Bollywood had been looking a little bloated in the past couple of months, which had critics indicate gleefully that the 1st guy who made muscles cool in Bollywood wasn’t exempt from the middle-age spread. However, it was Salman Khan who had the last laugh, and in a recent TV appearance he looked very taut and fit.

Salman Khan

Mumbai Mirror claimed that the actor had lost 7-8 kg recently with a serious regime. At the beginning of the season, he’d faced a health scare and doctors had suggested him to go easy on the weights. Even his good friend Aamir noticed the evident bloat. ‘He was aware that he had put on some weight. Though the intensity of his workouts reduced for a short phase, he never missed the sessions.

Aamir Khan, who was filming nearby around April pointed it out and told him that he needs to get back to his old physique,’ said the source.‘He planned his work out sessions divided into cardio sessions and weight training. He goes for cycling or jogging for an hour, dead lifts to improve leg and back muscles. His push up count can go up to 1000 and up to 500 crunches,’ the source told Mumbai Mirror.

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