Salman Khan Sent Cheques Worth Rs.2 Crore To The Crew of Jai Ho

We’ve heard that superstar Salman Khan sent cheques of a lakh each to Jai Ho’s crew and the entire amount came to about Rs.2 crore.


Salman’s last film Jai Ho may not have done as well as his last few films but he wanted to thank the cast and crew and so he sent them all cheques of a lakh each from his personal account.

Though Jai Ho didn’t do as well as expected, Salman and Sohail were very happy with the work done by the cast and crew. It was Salman who thought of the idea of giving something to each and every member of the crew as a gesture of appreciation,” said a source.

Every person associated with the film was called to their office and handed the cheque. From the light men to the spot boys, no one was left out. No matter how small his contribution to the film. It was a small token but it put a smile on everybody’s face. Salman and his family are known to do charity,” source added.

The actor always tells whoever he meets to do charity and do it directly, as he himself contributes to various social activities. The Khan Brothers have learned the art of giving from home as their father, writer Salim Khan, has been associated with charitable causes for many years,” he said in a statement.

Yes Salman and Sohail have given the entire cast and crew cheques of Rs.1 lakh each. They are happy with their work. Sab ko dena chahiye. If they work for you and you don’t share your money with them, that’s unfair. But it is not something to be advertised nor is it done for publicity. There’s a different joy in giving. That’s it,” says Senior Khan.

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