Salman Khan to receive 5-6 crore weekly for ‘Bigg Boss 8’?

Last year, Salman Khan had suggested that he will never return as the host of TV show ‘Bigg Boss’, but buzz is that the Bollywood actor might soon be back on the small screen as the show’s host for its 8th season.

Salman Khan

It’s no secret that ‘Bigg Boss’ owes its high ratings to Salman Khan, who has the power to draw audiences due to his charisma and onscreen attraction. The actor entertains his fans with his witty one liners. It’s believed that the channel has realized Salman Khan’s worth to the show and has offered Salman Khan a massive Rs 5-6 crore weekly.

The actor also tends to attract a broad viewer ship because of the drama he brings to the sets. Whether he is flirting with a housemate or having a war of words, there’s no doubt the actor sure has his style.

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