Salman Khan to play a bad guy in ‘Dhoom 4’

‘Dhoom 4’ with John Abraham, ‘Dhoom 2’ with Hrithik Roshan, ‘Dhoom 3’ with Aamir Khan and now get ready for a few more dhoom with one and only Salman Khan. Yes, you read it right Yash Raj Films are planning to make ‘Dhoom 4’ with Salman Khan and the viewers will get to see the actor in never-seen-before character.


In the 4th sequence of the franchise, Salman Khan will don the cap of a bad guy and as happened in all the series, he will also be seen performing a few daredevil action scenes. ‘Dhoom 4’ with Salman Khan is thought to be 4th times more action oriented and thrill. How the question is who will be actress along with Salman Khan in the movie, there are several options and seen YRF do not repeat its ‘Dhoom’ series heroines.

There has been no official statement of the movie and more details are awaited.

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