Salman Khan laughs off media boycott stories

A few days ago that lensmen were roughened up by Salman Khan’s bodyguards, which miffed the photographers. However, what further angered them was the fact that once inside the venue Salman Khan said that those who want to stay can stay and rest of them can leave.

Salman Khan

Now the paparazzi has unanimously made a decision to boycott Salman Khan and want an apology from him. However, Salman it seems is in no mood to oblige. After knowing the photo fraternity’s stand, he guffawed at the reports.

Taking to Twitter Salman Khan said, “This is wat I call a stand, the photographers r gonna loose out on wrk, but hv still taken a decision not to take my pics, happy fr them. I wld hv immense respect for them if they keep this stand”.

With Salman Khan not ready to offer an apology and wonder if this war would ever cease…

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