Salman Khan lashes out at Armaan Kohli in Bigg Boss

The host of Bigg Boss season 7 Salman  Khan said about among the participants Armaan Kohli that he didn’t respect girls. It wasn’t a simple statement. In fact the different online polls voted Salman Khan as an unfair host who was biased towards Tanishaa and Armaan in Bigg Boss.


Both Tanishaa and Armaan are linked to Bollywood families. This led to some dispute regarding Salman.Audiences went mad when Salman Khan got angry over Kushal for behaving badly along with Tanishaa. He lashed out on Kushal and later Kushal was evicted from the house.

During this fight, Tanishaa had an equal role but Salman Khan didn’t say anything to her. Salman in the Saturday episode resolved the controversy for once and all. He got a little angry on both Tanishaa and Armaan. He discussed the right behavior in the house and asked the housemates to behave accordingly.

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