Salman Khan ignores Vivek Oberoi again!

At a recent award show, Actor Salman Khan left no stone unturned to fix the alleged issues with his co-workers Shah Rukh Khan and Abhishek Bachchan. The 48 year-old actor took everybody by shock as he hugged not only SRK.

Vivek, Salman

As per a newspaper, Salman Khan, who was also hosting the award show, was at his best, as he entertained the viewers with his antics. However, when Vivek Oberoi came up to get an award, one could easily spot the seriousness in Salman Khan’s face.  Salman Khan apparently looked in no mood to forget his past with Vivek, as he ignored the actor`s presence, when he came on stage to receive an award.

This reminds us of the time when Vivek had made some tries to apologize to Salman Khan for his famous press con almost ten years ago which went unacknowledged by the latter.

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