Salman Khan Gifts His Wrist watch To Kick’s Dialogue Writer

Salman Khan is famous for being among the most generous actors in Bollywood. Be it gifting bikes to street kids, to giving away his prized bracelet to a TV show contestant, he has always gone out of his way to shower love on his fans.

Salman Khan


The actor again by gifting his costly watch to Rajat Arora, the dialogue writer of Kick. Sources claim that Salman Khan got so impressed with Arora’s work in the movie that he gave his very own wristwatch to him as a token of appreciation. Reportedly, the actor has now also started recommending Rajat to plenty of people.

That’s not all. While filming in Poland for ‘Kick’, it was freezing cold and Salman Khan noticed that the majority of the staff members didn’t have sufficient warm clothing. So, the actor purchased winter wear for the whole staff.

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