Salman Khan forgets his promise to support a social worker

As per a report in Mid-Day, Actor Salman Khan who was promoting his movie ‘Dabangg’ in 2010 helped raise funds for a professor turned activist, Sandeep Desai who was helping the cause of establishing schools for under priviledged kids.


The actor had reportedly even tweeted on Twitter about the same and said “I shall make sure that I will make one school every year till the time I am here so please don’t stress (sic)”. Not only that, Salman Khan also reportedly urged his followers to give generously. But 3 years later, Sandeep Desai is yet to receive any help.

The social worker who quit his job as a professor at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research is sad by the actor’s untrue promise and is reportedly still awaiting some assistance. As per the report, Salman Khan‘s spokesman said that someone from the Being Human foundation will look into the matter.

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