Salman Khan doesn’t like people call him bhai!

Salman Khan is among the most favored and famous actors of Bollywood. Salman Khan is fondly known as Salman Bhai by his fans and closed buddies. But not some people know that Salman doesn’t like people call him Salman Bhai.

As per a leading daily, “Salman Khan didn’t take too generously to being called Salman Bhai by a famous RJ during a radio interview, back in 2009. Salman is said to have coldly directed the RJ to call him Salman Khan, saying, ‘Call me Salman Khan’. The RJ later revealed that the actor doesn’t like the fact that people also call him Salman Bhai and it was just when the RJ described that he looked up to him like his elder brother, did the actor relent.”

So, if you ever get to meet your favorite actor Salman Khan, do think twice before calling him Bhai!

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