Salman Khan demands Rs. 20 crore for a TV commercial

Salman KhanSalman Khan, who has recently received a huge amount of Rs 20 crore for a soft drink commercial, has reportedly turned down to be the face of a Rajasthan-based cement company as they were struggling to pay the big fee he quoted. As per sources, the cement company was keen to sign the actor as their brand ambassador and was prepared to pay Rs 10 crore to him.

However, Salman Khan was adamant that since the brand is relatively unidentified, he should be paid Rs 20 crore as payment. There were several rounds of debate among officials of the company and Salman Khan’s managers, but in vain. The company couldn’t manage to pay Rs 20 crore and the deal fell off.

Salman Khan is riding high on his popularity and is among the highest paid actors of Bollywood. He presently has seven brands in his kitty, including being the face of an entertainment channel.

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