Salman Khan’s bodyguards get involved in a fight

Actor Salman Khan, who’s presently filming in Sangam Mahuli in Satara region for Dabangg 2, decided to explore a few villages close to Panchgani. The actor accompanied by his driver and security guard, set out to explore after wrapping up the filming.

Midway through the journey, Salman Khan had the urge to ride back to the sets of his motorbike. So his motorbike was rapidly transported the spot and Salman Khan rode off, leaving his two teams behind. The driver, who was driving an Innova, slowed down due to the mist and fog. Some villagers in a jeep attempted to overtake him, but he didn’t give them away. The furious villagers eventually overtook the Innova and came to a halt before the vehicle. Soon a clash erupted and the driver and security guard got beaten up by the villagers.

Both sides ended up at the regional police station where they filed a case against each other. Thankfully for Salman, he’d nothing to do with the event or else it would have given a boost to one more dispute surrounding the actor!

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