Salman Khan announces he will never marry

Finally, in the talk show Ek Mulaqat of DD News, Salman Khan didn’t shy away from accepting that may be he will never marry in his life. The actor reportedly also said that he has no interest in politics; neither does he wish to direct films but will continue acting. It was on the same talk show in the year 2010, Deepika Padukone considered Salman Khan is the real ‘Lafanga’ though he has many decent qualities that can be an inspiration for others.


In his full length interview, which will be featured on DD News, the actor has freely opened himself and said that he will prefer investing his time for the well-being of kids. He is pleased with his social work that he is doing through ‘Being Human’ and wishes to adopt few more places where he can actively participate himself for the betterment of the kids.

Ek Mulaqat is the weekly talk show of DD News, which is broadcast every Saturday.

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