Salman exempted from appearing in the retrial of hit-and-run case

Superstar of Bollywood, Salman Khan has reportedly been freed from appearing in the retrial of the hit-and-run case which starts in Mumbai today (26 March).


Mumbai court ordered a fresh trial against Salman Khan in December 2013, after the charge against him was enhanced from ‘rash and negligent driving’ to the more serious ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder.’ If convicted, the actor could face up to ten years in jail.

According to reports, all witnesses and evidences regarding the case will be re-examined.

Salman, in September 2002, was allegedly driving a Land Cruiser that ran over a group of people sleeping on the walking path outside a bakery in Suburban Bandra. The incident killed 1 person, while other 4 suffered injuries.

The case has gone from court to court with arguments centered on whether Salman was driving the car that day or not. The Mumbai police say they have enough evidence against him.

In 1998, Salman Khan spent three days in prison for killing black buck, an endangered species of deer, in Rajasthan. The actor’s appeals in separate poaching cases are currently pending in the Rajasthan courts.

Salman will next make a cameo appearance in O Teri, releasing this Friday. He recently delivered Jai Ho.

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