Salman And Lulia Called It Quits

It was a huge speculation about the relationship of Salman Khan and Romanian TV personality Lulia Vanture, now it looks like the two have called it quits. It’s likely to happen due to Sallu’s family.

Rumours says that they both were so serious that Salman had even bought her a place in Mumbai, however when heard about her past cropped up stories, Salman’s family put their foot down.

salman and lulia

Some sources indicate that Lulia was married to Marius Moga, however she denied the rumours.

Salman Khan’s family made their disapproval known, and Lulia packed her bags and flied off back to Romania. This all happened due to Salman’s family’s doubts about Lulia’s relationships.

Well their relationship seems to be walking on the edge of the end.

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