Saif Ali Khan receives friendly warning from a police official

Actor Saif Ali Khan’s tardiness apparently posed a safety issue during ‘Bullett Raja’ shoot in Lucknow. Saif’s routine to come late on the sets became a big issue for the security officers as a big crowd of viewers would gather to get a glimpse of the actor leading to traffic problems in the city.

saif ali khan

“Saif was a huge attraction in Lucknow and wherever he went, huge crowds would gather often disrupting the shoot. It was a normal feature for Saif to come an hour and a half late for the shoot. As the film was shot on real locations, it was a nightmare for the security and police personnel as at any given time there would be at least 1,000 to 2,000 people and only 100 odd cops to manage them,” said a source from the unit.

“There came a point when a senior official from the police department who was present at the shoot had to ask Saif to come on the sets on time as it becomes difficult for them to manage the crowd,” said an onlooker.

Saif Ali Khan remained unavailable for opinion.

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