Saif Ali Khan film ‘Happy Ending’ in trouble

Saif Ali Khan who’s presently in Los Angeles filming for Happy Ending seems to be caught up in trouble. Reportedly, the co-producer of the movie Dinesh Vijan hired a team from the street by paying them a token amount for acting in the movie, unaware of the fact that the Los angeles law only permits members of the Screen Actors Guild to work in any movie. Hence the film’s filming was withheld for the reasons of ignoring the law. It was said that this type of action was taken to reduce the cost of the movie.

saif ali khan

However, Saif Ali Khan disclosed that they were not foolish enough to break the law for reducing the budget and it was just because there was a misconception between them. He said that the city follows different levels of tax, depending on the budget and misconception had been developed between the staff of the movie and Los angeles officials because they thought that the movie had a higher budget compared to what they were paying. However, everything was fixed by the makers of the movie and now the crew is gladly filming in Michigan.

Besides Saif Ali Khan, Happy Ending also actors Ileana D’Cruz and is directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK.

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