Ranveer Singh: “Ram Leela is a big release for me”

Ram Leela star Ranveer Singh, who is currently busy with a two-weak campaign to promote Ram Leela, doesn’t favour extensive film promotions.


He was at a radio station for promotional purpose of Ram Leela, where he said; “If I had to set a trend, may be in the future when I will be little more established, I would want that an actor does not need to promote his film.”

“I think we go out and sell our work more than actually doing the work and we talk about the work more than what we are actually doing. Nowadays everybody is selling his film for thirty to forty days. But I think the promotions should get over within five or seven days,” he said.

He believes that people should just be on the film sets doing what they are here to do.

The 28-year-old actor is happy with the trailer and songs of Ram Leela. “Fortunately, the promo material (of Ram-Leela) has done a good job for us. We both (Deepika and I) are on campaign for the last two weeks for the film. I think the buzz about the film is quite good and it is good for us,” he said.

“It is a big release for me so I hope people get excited. I hope November 15 (the release date of of the film) proves to be a landmark day for me,” he added.

Ram Leela is starring Ranveer and Deepika Padukone in lead and is just two weeks away from its release. It will hit theaters on November 15.

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