Ranveer Singh Miffed With Deepika Padukone?

As per sources close to Ranveer Singh, the actor isn’t pleased with Deepika Padukone’s behavior. Rumor has it Ranveer is said to be fed up with keeping their relationship under wraps. He has openly been seen by Deepika’s side whether on the sets of Chennai Express in Wai, in Mumbai or even in Dubai.


A source recalls that Deepika wasn’t very happy when she finished the lungi song along with Shahrukh Khan and Ranveer Singh appeared as soon as Rohit Shetty called ‘cut’! What allegedly disturbs Ranveer is the fact that people are discussing him as an obsessive lover when he never shows up anywhere without her consent. There’s always something written about him when he visits Deepika on set. However, when she visits him, nothing appears in print at all.

Rumor has it when Ranveer Singh asks her about this her supposed standard reply is: ‘My enemies are doing this to you…’ But as a close buddy stated to Ranveer, Deepika’s foes should be targeting her, not him. People claim that Ranveer feels maybe Deepika herself is responsible for these stories about him.

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