Ranbir-Priyanka gives cold shoulder to each other

A fashion show On Sunday night,. The fashion show who was present behind the scenes, “Just before start the show, all the celebrities were collectively backstage and there was chatter and laughter all-around. Priyanka and Ranbir give each other the cold shoulder. Except actors – they didn’t talk at all.”

The latest Buzz that though Ranbir was friendly, he looked very tense and preoccupied about something.”Everybody was cheering one another. Priyanka, Manish Malhotra and Ranbir was standing near the monitor and watched other people walk the ramp, however even then, there was not a expression exchanged.

They were both working as though the other was unseen. Priyanka was observed communicating with Some other people but pointedly kept a space from Ranbir Kapoor. One was left questioning what has gone wrong between Priyanka and ranbir.”

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