Ranbir Kapoor Wants To Sell Out His Audi R8

Actor Ranbir Kapoor is reportedly finding it hard to sell one of his cars. The actor is apparently finding it difficult to get a potential buyer for his machine.

ranbir kapoor audi

“Ranbir bought a new car last year and the car that he was using earlier is just sitting in his garage. So the actor wants to sell it but he has not been able to find a buyer so far,” a source told reporters.

It may be pointed out that Ranbir owns several cars and including Audi A8, Audi R8, Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz-G63, and all his cars have been customized to suit his needs.

“Ranbir loves his cars but after buying a new one, his old car – the Audi R8 – has just been taking up space in his garage,” source said.

“This is why he decided to sell it. That said, he doesn’t want to sell it in a jiffy. He’s looking out for someone who can take good care of his car, but he hasn’t been able to find such a buyer yet,” said Ranbir’s close source.

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