Ranbir Kapoor turns down to play Desi Romeo!

Ranbir KapoorAfter saying yes to work in Bhansali’s movie on ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Ranbir Kapoor has been having 2nd thoughts. That is what he did exactly when he was contacted for ‘My Friend Pinto’. He’s been dillydallying for the times and later oopted out.

Sanjay clearly hasn’t taken this well and had called up Kareena Kapoor to see if she’d be keen to work in the female role. One does realize that Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor can never act as female and male lead opposite each other because they’re cousins.

More investigations disclosed that Bhansali has been discussing to Ranveer Singh to try and be the hero of the movie opposite Kareena. Ranveer as we all understand will give and arm and a leg to perform along with Kareena, apart from the reality that he gets to perform in a Bhansali film.


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