Ranbir Kapoor finds a new buddy

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor definitely has a skill of creating different pals and the most recent of them all is Sanjay Dutt. News has it that Ranbir enjoys going out at Sanjay’s home and enjoys exercising in his private fitness center.

Reportedly, the Kapoors’ and the Dutts’ return a long distance. In fact, Sanjay`s sister Namrata has been attaching Rishi Kapoor a rakhi for a long time. Moreover, Ranbir Kapoor’s grandfather Raj Kapoor who is actually Sanjay Dutt’s close friend. Speaking to a daily, a man mentioned, “Though there’s a huge age big difference amongst the celebs, when they’re jointly they’re just like bros.

They get together terifficly and enjoy plenty of boy speak. As Sanjay Dutt has a elegant fitness center they even connection over physical exercises. They`ve maintained to find mutual understanding despite the 2 families discussing a background of sorts.”

Just recently, when Sanjay Dutt came back from Bangkok, he welcome Ranbir and his mother and father over for a luxurious evening meal.

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