Priyanka planning to cut a global album with Lady Gaga

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is ready to croon with Lady Gaga.Apparently, Priyanka isn’t only drop-dead stunning but also a fine songstress. News has it that actress is likely to cut an worldwide album with Lady Gaga.

Speaking with a daily, a source mentioned, “Priyanka even met with Lady Gaga.And, in all probability Lady Gaga, who is a craze and our quite own Bollywood actress may just work together on an album.”When approached, Priyanka`s official representative he said, “Lady Gaga and Priyanka did meet at a music concert. They spoke at size behind the scenes.

However, there’s no alliance happening between them.” Lady Gaga and Priyanka did discuss music at length. Lady Gaga asked her how fascinated she is with India and B-town. She also asked actress that she’s eager to go to India and understand it’s music

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