Priyanka Chopra slips on floor with a mistimed punch!

Mary Kom’s biopic has turned out to be a challenging job for Priyanka Chopra. The actress has suffered numerous injuries and one happened recently when a mistimed punch landed under her right eye while filming at Dharmshala. Thankfully, the injury was not too serious but it was enough to stall the shoot for nearly an hour.

priyanka chopra

“Priyanka was filming a boxing scene with an actor from the North-East. She fell on the floor due to the impact. She got the shot spot on, so director Oomung Kumar decided to retain it. The cut mark that you will eventually see on screen under her eye is real but we did touch it up with makeup to make it look deeper,” says Uday Shirale, who’s been working on Priyanka’s look.

The makeup artist refutes speculation that Priyanka Chopra uses prosthetic make-up throughout the movie.

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