Priyanka and Vivek postpone honeymoon

Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva wedded several months back but the pair has not get gone for honeymoon, reason Vivek’s busy routine. The husband and wife decided for Red Sea honeymoon but once again delayed it for Tennis. Vivek Oberoi was asked to play tennis with his favorite tennis players Mahesh Bhupathi, Laender Paes and actor Surya. Vivek does not want to miss the chance and hence he delayed his honeymoon.

Says a source close to Vivek, “Vivek and Priyanka decided to delay their honeymoon to the Red Sea because he was invited to kickstart an opening exhibition match at the Chennai Open with Bhupathi, Paes and Suriya yesterday. The actor is fond of Bhupathi and instantly jumped at the opportunity. Also he has been selected for the Screen awards and is hosting the Apsara awards and he will be going on his honeymoon a bit later in the month.”

The actor has several endorsement, shows and appearances lined up but he has assured his wife a very wonderful honeymoon very soon and also promised her that he would be world’s most romantic husband.

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