Preity Zinta lodged a police complaint against S Nataraja!

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has reportedly filed a police complaint against Director of Photography (DOP) S Nataraja, who was the DOP of her home production Ishq in Paris.

Preity Zinta

The actress said that Natarajan took an advance of Rs 20 lakh from her and is yet to give back the quantity despite dropping out of the movie. Nataraja is senior photographer and when he got to know about the complaint he took off to Chennai and is trying to get anticipatory bail. He has told Vikramjit Singh, director of his forthcoming movie Roy, to wait till the dispute is resolved.

According to sources Nataraja was dropped for a different DOP because Preity Zinta wanted to cut corners. She had signed Nataraja for Rs 85 lakh and had given him Rs 20 lakh as the signing amount. He had worked on the film for eight months before he was dropped. He thinks he was entitled to the advance,” reasons the source, adding that Preity’s unexpected step took him by shock.

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