Preity Zinta is still a close buddy of Yuvi

Preity Zinta, YuviLast IPL years was the developing nearness of Yuvraj Singh and his staff holder actress Preity Zinta. But even as Yuvraj is not really a part of actress’s team, his a friendly relationship with Preity Zinta continues to be unchanged.

Yuvraj Singh made a decision to leave Preity’s team. But that’s not really discouraged the actress from growing. And her team is setting up a recovery this year with a lot fervour and excitement.

While speaking with a daily, actress mentioned, “Why is it usually one of the ways? He also has dropped out on us. We’re always pals and I desire Yuvraj Singh well. Actually, I was extremely pleased to see him succeed during the last game that India took part in the WC.”

Well, after her split up with company tycoon Ness Wadia, actress appears to have learnt to manage break-ups the difficult way. It wouldn’t make any difference to her even if her buddies depart her mid way.

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