Preity Zinta’s argument with air-port authorities

B-town actress Preity Zinta was involved in a quarrel with Chandigarh air-port authorities Thursday when actress was stopped for a basic safety investigate, an official explained. Preity Zinta who had to board a Delhi trip, was halted by an official of the CISF, who requested her to tell her personal identity evidence. Preity Zinta rejected, causing a extremely argue between the actress and the security authorities started there.

H.S. Toor, air-port manager, mentioned, “There is absolutely nothing badly in it and the CISF official was just working on his responsibility. But actress was insistent and she desired to proceed without any showing personal identity evidence.””However, things were fixed out quickly. Later Zinta verified her personal identity evidence and she was permitted to move forward,” he said.

However, authorities of KXIP rejected this kind of unpleasant incident.

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