Prachi Desai buys 3 apartments in the same building

Prachi Desai’s desire of residing in a large and spacious house has eventually taken shape. The actress, who’s been residing in a luxury high-rise in Andheri for the last 2 yrs, has purchased 2 more flats on the same floor. She’ll be combining the 3 apartments to make it a six-bedroom abode.

A source mentioned, “Prachi recently sealed the deal for the two additional flats worth Rs 10 crore. The building has several amenities and is like a five-star hotel, so the actress felt it was a good deal to have a bigger space in the same building than look elsewhere.”  The source added, “She had been looking for a bigger property in areas like Bandra and Khar for a while now. But she felt space was always an issue in those areas. That’s when she realized that she might as well stay put and buy more flats in the same building.”

Prachi Desai will reportedly, start designing the new place as soon as she’s done with the campaigns of her next movie I, Me Aur Main with John Abraham. She’s also doing a movie along with Sanjay Dutt. That apart, there’re stage shows and endorsement offers too.

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