Police traced missing documents of Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case

A big relief has come to the Mumbai Police as certain files relating to the 2002 hit-and-run case against Salman Khan that had gone misplaced, were found at the Bandra Police Station.  Salman Khan‘s legal representative Srikant Shivade had argued that as per the law the original documents were needed to be produced before the trial court, while the police argued that according to practice in Mumbai courts the trial can go on with the true copies.

Salman Khan

The Mumbai Police Commissioner, Rakesh Maria said to the media on yesterday that the misplaced papers have been found at the Bandra Police Station. Rakesh Maria more said that the Mumbai Police has initiated an inquiry as to how the documents have gone missing. Rakesh Maria clearly said that serious action would be taken against the policemen due to whom the documents had gone lacking for a few days.

Sources close to the Mumbai Police have mentioned that the files that had gone misplaced, contain vital information that relates to the case, the case diary and also the statements of the witnesses, said the police. Sources also pointed out that someone is presumed to have moved the papers from the record room during the renovation of the police station after which they were not traceable and eventually declared misplaced.

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