Perfectionist Aamir Khan celebrates his 46th birthday today

Amir Khan, a great organization compact is simply not lower than a very important part of Bollywood. Handsome & dashing Amir Khan compel to think with, who becomes 46 today, has arrived of age as his very first film about 3 years ago.

A perfect example of awesomeness, Amir  is someone who inspires everyone. The actor is excellence personified and has hugely contributed to Hindi movies.

A prominent identity, Amir Khan has served to alter Bollywood towards a reputable enterprise at the worldwide industry.

His remarkable awareness of script and his manner of working with movie house has gained excellent reviews not only in Bollywood, however in the Hollywood as well. Amir Khan has certainly presented global publicity to the Indian film industry. Getting produced movies that made Amir Khan to the Oscars, Amir Khan is positive to impart us with works of art in the future.

Along with movies such as ‘Lagaan’, ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘Peepli Live’ and ‘Dhobi Ghat’, Amir Khan has elevated the actual quality of Hindi films beyond any doubt. And also be truth full, Amir khan who is actually getting older just seems the younger each day.

Just as it is said wine gets better as time passes and so is Amir Khan.

Different looks of Amir Khan


No doubt Amir is 1 of the best Happy Birthday Amir Khan

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