New judge to conduct Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case

Bollywood actor Salman Khan hit-and-run case was postponed until September 5 by a court in Mumbai. The delay was due to a new judge, D.W. Deshpande, taking over the case. Reports say that another prosecutor is likely to be hired as well. Although Salman Khan was excused from appearing at all court sessions, and wasn’t in court Monday, the pending case has put a crimp in some of his shooting plans.

Salman Khan

A UK visa for shooting “Kick” in Glasgow was initially refused before he received it on the 2nd application. Salman Khan also dropped out of a concert in Chicago. The allegations stem from a September 28, 2002, incident in which he’s charged with running over 5 homeless guys sleeping on a footpath in suburban Bandra, killing one and injuring the others.

The case languished in the courts but recently he was charged with culpable homicide and if found guilty could face Ten years imprisonment. Besides “Kick,” which is in production, Salman Khan was gearing up to host the next season of “Bigg Boss” for Colors TV. He also has feature movies “Mental” and “No Entry Mein Entry” on his plan.

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